Thursday, June 9, 2011

Alice's Bucket List

Alice Pyne is a 15 year old girl who is terminally ill. She created a blog to document her bucket list and some of her last activities.
One of the things on her bucket list is to get as many people involved with bone marrow donation schemes.
She is not asking for any money/ donations, just to help her create awearness. Another item on her bucketlist, she wants the hashtag #alicebucketlist to be trending worldwide.
So if you have Twitter, help make one of the girl's dreams come true and RT.
You can have a look at her blog (with her bucketlist):

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just a little treat for your ears (and eyes)...

Here are a couple of songs that are currently on repeat on my playlists that  would like to share, 'cause sharing is caring and I like educating people on good music :) I hope you enjoy them.

Adele's album 21:  (Someone like You)
on this album I also enjoy; 'Don't you Remember', 'Lovesong' and actually every other track.

Band of Horses' album Everything all the Time:  (The Funeral)

Billy Bragg's Way over yonder Minor Key

(There are only live recordings of this on Youtube, but I suggest you download it and give it a good listen)

Neil Young:  (Harvest Moon)

The Tallest Man On Earth's album The Wild Hunt:  (The Wild Hunt)
my treat: not only is he a talented artist, but he's also eye candy...
also give everything else on this album a listen, it's worth it, I promise.

White Lies's album To Loose My Life...:  (Unfinished Business)
including 'Death', 'E.S.T', 'From the Stars'
ps. Mumford and Sons does a great cover of this song.

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros' Up From Below:  (Home)

Angus & Julia Stone's a Book Like This:  (Mango Tree)
also note that EVERY album of theirs are cool, so you can listen to any and every song

She & Him's Volume One:  (You Really Got a Hold on Me)
I even included some eye candy for the guys...Zooye Deschanel, she is gorgeous.

And something Local:
Pretty Blue Guns's album Shed Your Skin:  (The Ride)

So if you're going away for the winter months, a playlist filled with these lovelies will warm your heart. It's a pleasure.
*Phot Credits: Google.

RAKA acoustic Festival ( 1-3 April 2011)

*Terribly sorry for the late post*
The mother drove us to Swellendam and we decided to make a little road trip of it. At first I dreaded the thought of this, but turns out she's a lot of fun, when driving long distance(ish). I made a mix for a previous road trip and thought it appropriate to tag it along again. We listened to some Stepdog, Florence & The Machine, Mumford & Sons, Paolo Nutini and the like; I educated the mother with some good music. When we arrived in Swellendam, I realized I had no idea where we're supposed to go to get to Kam'bati River Resort. So we asked for directions from several law enforcers, each giving us different directions, not much help. Me thinking, in this day and age every website has a map with directions of some sort, I was surprised to see that there are no directions whatsoever. Finally, after phoning the owner of the resort, we were on our way. Excited.

Upon arrival, we almost accidentally camped between the muso's, oh how disastrous that could have turned out. Few minutes later though, we were set up (I actually mean our tent etc) and we were ready to get RAKA’d. Lola, Annemieke and me indulged in some lovely cocktails and we made ourselves ridiculously comfortable in the shade.
The first artist we had the pleasure of hearing was Hugo Brand (former drummer to Ef-El and now solo artist.). Hugo did a couple of covers of well known songs; Little Lion Man, Heya, Electric Feel, etc. and he also sang a song of his own. I am extremely excited for performances where Hugo does his own songs and perhaps even records an album. He is a very talented artist with a beautiful voice, make sure to go to one of his next gigs and see this for yourself!
Next up was Jason Temba. Never heard of him before, but the crowd seemed amped for his performance. His first song was mmm…inter…yes, interesting. There were a couple of baaahhh’s (as in the noise that sheep make), this very confusing, I couldn’t figure out, where the sound is coming from, because there were like a gazillion sheep on route to Kam’bati. Needless to say, I couldn’t listen to the rest of his set, I was just too baffled to appreciate his other songs, if he had any, I wouldn’t know.
When Johanine was about to take stage, we swiftly moved to sit in front of the stage. This is yet an act I’ve never seen before, but only heard great things about. My, oh my. So I might not be entirely objective when it comes to Jonathan Velthuysen (lead vocalist for Stepdog), but he is REALLY talented! Seems like he can’t do wrong. I love his songs simply because the lyrics were honest emotions, haven’t heard something like this in quite some time. “My brother is a hard liver, a law breaker, but he knows the Lord.” Keep your eyes peeled on his page on Facebook for upcoming gigs.
Next up was Willem Welsyn. All I have to say about this man is; Kurt Darren is better than Willem Welsyn.
I have to be honest, by the time it was Dane Taylor and Gerdus Oosthuizen’s turn to take the stage, I was really enjoying the Matt Black (Super delicious red wine from Bilton Wine Farm, also one of the sponsors of RAKA) and did not pay much attention. They’re both talented artists in their own right. I would definitely go to future gigs of theirs and I recommend you do the same.

'Round 10p.m (well I think it was time, wouldn't take my word for it, since my judgment was a little red from all the Matt Black Wine) The Guns took the stage, by this time, most festival goers, were well on their way to being smashed face, if they weren’t already there. Lola and I were totes excited for them to play, we haven't seen them in a while and they've been working on some new material....

The Guns opened with 'Your Warning', a song never previously performed. Even though I like all Pretty Blue Guns songs, I especially like their laid back, more chilled tunes. And because they rarely do an acoustic song or show, my heart was filled with dirty, fuzzy feelings of delight while singing along to this song.

During the set, they used the opportunity to introduce the crowd to some of their new songs for their upcoming album. I'm into the dirtier, deeper, raw, ‘errrer’ sound of the new tracks, such as 'Shed your Skin' (also their latest single), 'Skin Tight, Knife Fight', ‘Misery’ (which is also one of my new favourites) and more. If these songs are anything to go by, I can't wait for the release of the new album Shed Your Skin (the album launch tour starts 20 April in Bloemfontein and on 30th April they will launch at Klein Lib! Oooh excite!)

Another new song performed, was 'The Ride'. This is not an entirely new song as it’s been on MK Acoustic for some while now. They performed this song with Chantel van T (from La.Vi), Roxy Anti-Pop Lombard and Jonathan (Stepdog and Johanine) I'm a great "fan" of all these musicians, so to see them share the stage was an absolute pleasure! I love the lyrics to the song and the beat truly is awesome, you can't help but have this song stuck inside your head for a couple of days, and to tell you the truth, I don't mind one bit! As a bit of a tradition with the Guns they ended their set with Devil do, ‘cause I mean what is a Guns show if it doesn’t end with a bit of dirt devil singing?
Next DPK brought out the big guns, Foto Na Dans! If you're a follower of my blog you'd know by now, I'm an avid fan of their live performances, so you can imagine my excitement when they announced they're going to play an acoustic set. As always, I had a good time, standing in front, singing along, but I do have to mention that I was slightly disappointed in what they refer to as an acoustic set. It seems to me that they only slowed the tempo by a notch, this spoiled the set for me. Bands should either stick to their original sound or do a proper acoustic. Yet, I still enjoyed every moment of the show, and I know Lola did too.

I thought FND was the last band for the night, I mean, which band did DPK think, could possible out do FND. Well the answer is, No One's Arc, and they díd out do them.

By the time NOA took the stage, my fellow campers Lola and Annemieke decided to take it easy and go to sleep...let me just mention, that I don't do alone, not ever. But, this was RAKA, I was determined to challenge myself and I just couldn't resist the sounds coming from the stage!

So there I was, me, myself and I, all alone in the crowd absorbing and taking in the sounds washing over me. It is incredible how NOA speaks to the crowd through their music, everyone bonking their heads to the rhythm. Ooh and when the trombone begins, you cannot help but move your body! I am so disappointed that I've never heard them or about them, there was a huge gap in my musical life. But let me tell you, these boys will be seeing me at their next gig.

Come Sunday morning. After a lovely cleansing, we sat beside the river and relaxed, we watched as people around us went about their business. This is the bit where I can go on and on about how awesome the camping site was (this was also the first time I realized it) the river is beautiful, there are canoe's, tubes etc for your usage and it looks like tons of fun! Its clean, it’s pretty and there's absolutely no reason for you to not go there. Especially when it is summer and RAKA!

Back to the music, Sunday was dedicated to blues. Lola and I have a special thing for the blues, there's just something about it. You know when you have to move your body, tap your feet, sing along, whatever it is you do? THAT. So we decided to have a look at the blues coming from stage...luckily for us, Dane Taylor Trio was about to take the stage, music to my ears (literally). I always enjoy watching them; Dane has such a way of moving to the music WHILE playing his guitar which makes you want to move with him. Justin Bossie(the drummer) does his thing at the back, rocking it out! I like watching him on stage, grooving to the blues with his signature turtle neck move.

Next up was Blues Broers. I remember seeing them, enjoying their music, but not much more than that, which means they weren't memorable and not worth this blog post. Sorry guys. Better luck next time.

The last performance we watched was Basson Laubscher & the violent Free Peace. Lola and I have seen them many times and we have a jolly good time each time. We even have a favourite cover song, Johnny be Good by Chuck Berry. Oh boy, if we as much as hear the intro we get into our groovy mode and the feet start moving like crazy. Their set was pretty cool like always. If you ever get the opportunity to see them, you should definitely, they are worth it.
The RAKA experience is definitely one of a kind. I loved every moment of being there and hearing awesome musicians enjoying themselves. I’ll definitely be there next year and the year after…see you at Kam’bati in 2012.