Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ben Howard Updated

Ben Howard is releasing a NEW EP in December, HOLLAR!!

oh Hello :)
Earlier this week his team released his next single along with a little music video (VERY nice effects) - I can't wait to hear the rest of the album. Also, it's being released in vinyl, could you die. Imagine listening to BH on Vinyl, I would die. Look at Esmerelda [I wonder who this "Esmerelda"  is...mmmm]

Oh, maybe you were free before my blackened wind covered you. 
I took the sing, from your song. 
I made a bed, where you don't belong. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Your Eyes & Ears #12

This weekend I've been listening to some stuff I've forgotten about. Here it is...


Band Of Horses:

One of my favorite BOH songs No one's gonna Love you, if you like their style, also give Is there a Ghost & the Funeral [and the dubstep version of course] a go.

Angus & Julia Stone:

Here they are performing Big Jet Plane [LOVE] Just a Boy & Private Lawns on KCRW. They did a cover of You are the one that I want. These two are also solo artists, both doing their own thing Angus [Broken Brights & Bird on the Buffalo] and Julia [it's all ok & Let's forget all the things we Say]

Matt Walters:

Oh hello! How could I forget about this? Never again! All I know & I would die for you. Amazeballs.


Let her go [Very nice]


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Your Eyes & Ears #11

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zero's 

I want the whole damn world, to come and dance with me!

 a new album out and their new songs are so much fun! Listen to Man on Fire and also probably one of my new FAVORITE songs Every part of You - which leads me to...

Damn Son...

Aaron Embry

He joined in as the vocalist with the Magnetic Zero's, but is also a musician in his very own right- and a DAMN GOOD one at that! Listen to him sing Moon of the daylit Sky & No Go & Your heart and Mine and feel your knees CRUMBLE in awe of this voice.

Good luck for the week.

For Your Eyes & Ears #10

Most of these artists and their videos/ songs are relatively new to me, but I'm really enjoying the stuff that I've heard - hence I'm sharing it with you (yes, you!)

Josh Record  

listen to the War & For your Love [there is something very interesting about his 'high-pitched' sound that really get's me] & Thief

Gabrielle Aplin
Don't know much about her- quite frankly I've never even heard about her, just randomly stumbled upon her on She reminds me of Ellie Goulding. Her sound is clean, girly goodness. Give Home a listen.

Speaking of Ellie Goulding, have you heard her latest single? No? Well here it is- Anything could happen I love this 

Baby I'll give you everything you need,
I'll give you everything you need, oh
I'll give you everything you need
But I don't think I need you  

Love the Baby Pink hair

Joshua Radin just has some "feel good" sound to it [similar to that of Jack Johnson]- listen to I Miss You - "hope you dig it"

New Favorite Artist Feature #2

Keaton Henson

I literally have no words. This guy has no Wikipedia page and there is very little information about him on the internets, he reminds me quite a bit of Bon Iver –not only musically, but also their "discomfort of strangers". He explained his stage fright in an interview "I've always struggled with live music, both as a spectator and performer...I used to enjoy going to live shows, but felt a strange jealousy. No part of me wanted to share the music with which I had such a profound relationship with a room full of (often drunk and chatty) strangers."
You don’t have to know much about either of their (personal) lives to know they are good musicians. And he is pure perfection. Also, I find him strangely attractive.

I think it's his elusiveness.

Mr Henson has the most amazing (emotional) control of his voice, AND he's only 24!! Just give these a listen and you’ll know what I’m talking about:  Lying to you & You don't know how Lucky you are & F.R.I.E.N.D.S  & Not that you'd even Notice [unfortunately there's no video for these, but at least you can listen to it] & Flesh & Bone & Small Hands [this is one of the most beautiful videos I've seen in a very long time.] 

New Favorite Artist Feature #1


Man of the hour- Ben Howard

My latest obsession, Ben Howard - he is an amazing British singer-songwriter and I simply cannot get enough of him. I've tried figuring out exactly what makes my facial muscles go into full on circus mode- it's all of it! He is sexy [especially his expressions whilst performing/ singing something emotional], the lyrics are great, the melody's are charming and India Bourne (lady vocalist) just wraps the bow around the Ben Howard package.

The Beautiful India Bourne

Here are some of my favorites...

He did a cover of Call me Maybe - WAY better than the original. [while on this topic - check out this cover by Enter Shikari. It's Brilliant, Oi!!]

Lyrics to the Wolves are...just...
Falling from high places, falling through lost spaces,
Now that we're lonely, now that there's nowhere to go.
Watching from both sides, these clock towers burning up,
I lost my time here, i lost my patience with it all.

We lost faith, in the arms of love.

Where you been hiding lately, where you been hiding from the news?
Because we've been fighting lately, we've been fighting with the wolves.
With the wolves.
Red tongues and hands.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Your Eyes & Ears #9

This is exactly why I love music.

Don't Mistake & One More Night (Cover)

*I know I have been quite over the past couple of months, things have been VERY crazy on my side. Promise to try and share more.xx

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Eyes & Forks

Recently I got sent the link to new Nora Jones song, I was kind of sceptical, as the last time I had really listened to her, was when I was in Grade7 (2003) and also the sender is a Ginger haired person. But it turned out to be a really cool song and the lyrics are oh so catchy. So here it is Miriam.

This also reminded me of Florence & the Machine's Girl with one eye (which I like better, but only because I love Florry).

I will be away on a 10day trip to the Theewaterskloofdam, teaching 25 16year olds how to sail. Yes, I would very much appreciate all your postive vibes. [Random Blogging will continue after]

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Your Eyes & Ears #8

I am absolutely loving KONGOS at the moment. Especially their latest single ESCAPE.
Have a look and listen here.

Also recently watched Country Strong and heard this song, I fell in love and have been listening to it every.single. day since. It is beautiful and makes me feel like a school girl with the possibility of a new love interest. Give in to Me by Garrett Hedlund & Leighton Meester (not a fan of her, I watch some of her clips for a giggle every now and then)

And PHILLIP PHILLIPS. I love this man so much. (this is the second post he features) I LOVE his single, called HOME. And also watch the bit where he WON American Idol and cried. 'Cause crying men are beatiful. I just cried again while watching this AND THIS We've Got Tonight. How SEXY?!


The Very Wicked

a While back, I told you  the very sad news about Pretty Blue Guns taking a 'break'. But there is some good news in all this sadness!

Andre Leo (Vocalist for the Guns) & Lucas Swart (Drummer for the guns) has teamed up with Calvin Syderfin, Dominque Thaysen and Dirk van Tonder and started a new project, The Very Wicked.

These guys are doing it right, they are active on social media sites and spreading their gospel around town, have a look at their Website (where you can also download their EP), Facebook and they are also on Twitter etc.

In this week The Very Wicked released their first Music Video, have a look at that here. I really enjoyed this video, the visuals are great and I dig their sound. Simple as that.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday, May 11, 2012

For your Eyes & Ears #7

So I never watched Glee and i honestly did not understand the hype about it.
Lola actually made me watch a couple of episodes with her and voila, I really enjoyed the music.
Some of their songs are WAAAAYYY beter than the originals.

I still don't enjoy the story line, but there are some amazing performances that I would like to share.

2 BOYS singing 'Somebody that I used to Know'. LOVE this

'Cough Syrup' Power to the Gay! Also LOVE the original by 'Young the Giant'

'Glad you Came' I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this performance, downloaded the origal version and what a let down. The original sounds Rubish.

I'm also currently listening to The Civil Wars' Barton Hallow and Awolnation's Sail. And don't forget to get your weekly dose of Jamie XX Money Box (I know it's not alegitimate video, but the song is fun anyway!)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What's happening.

Last night while being as unproductive busy, as only I can be, I saw these 2 videos on VH1.

Back to Back.

Just goes to show you, what people are listening now...It makes me shudder.

First up. Katy Perry. Now, I am not a fan of hers, she is fun, pushing limits and and, but so is Lady Gaga. I do however, enjoy some of her singles, I mean, who didn't like/ sing along to "I kissed a girl" ?!

but seriously? This last music video of hers reminds me of the 90's. And not in a good way.
Is any reminder of the 90's good, anyway?

Don't even get me started on the concept. So your BF cheats on you, you cut off all your hair, strap your boobies down and join the Army/ Marines? Most girls eat a whole lot of deep fried chocolate and moan to her besties about it. No, not Katy Perry, she joins the Army. That last scene of her singing in full make-up (yeah right, 'cause marines has make-up artists come in everyday and polish their faces, just to go roll around in the mud and stuff?) broke me. That's the flashback business, ala Jennifer Lopez. ugh

Part of Me, yeah she's a part of the Marines.

Next. Olly Murs. Well, first off, his name. Dude, it is not going to happen for you with a name like that. My 3 year old niece would name her pug Olly.

About the video and the song itself, there is really not much to say. Hilarity does not even begin to explain.

Dance with Me. No, I wont. What you gonna do about it, Olly??

Shed your skin one last time

Here is Pretty Blue Guns' very last music video for Shed Your Skin.
"The video was cut together using band footage of studio recordings, live shows, photo shoots and band tours and road tripping from 2011.
Footage by Jess Henson, Mark Reitz and the band.
Edited by Barry de Villiers

Enjoy it

Monday, April 23, 2012

Tiny Desk Concerts

 Recently I was strolling around the Internet, looking for some inspiration and motivation to start working on one of my acedemic projects. On Youtube, I was stalking Tallest Man on Earth (yet again), when I came across an acoustic set he had done for some or another Radio station.

I then found this, a Radio Station that does this on a regular basis with some very cool artists, NPR.
"NPR, formerly National Public Radio, is a privately- and publicly-funded non-profit membership media organization that serves as a national syndicator to a network of 900 public radio stations in the United States"

I have watched most of them (ok, maybe I've already watched all of them, instead of working on my project), they are all amazing. NPR has really good taste in music, and I would not mind working in an office space were some of my favourite artist performs every Friday.

Have a look at: (these were my favourites, but there are many more that deserves your attention)

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's

Jack White


Iron and Wine

Foster the People - I love their acoustic performances! And would you look at that bassist. :)

Noah and the Whale

and of course The Tallest Man on Earth - amazing as ever.

Enjoy this as I continue working on my project.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

For your Eyes & Ears #6

While browsing through some videos I came across Mat Kearney and Ron Pope (who reminds me of a new generation Ronan Keating- in a GOOD way). Jaw dropping. No real visuals, but worth a listen.
Dancing in the Dark & Here we Go and a Drop in the Ocean & Reason to Hope.

More talent worth having a look at, Joe Brooks Superman [an indie Justin Bieber, but with more talent] AND the cute new face on American Idol Phillip Phillips! Movin' Out, His Audition (acoustic version of Thriller!!) and a little Phil Collins Cover In the Air Tonight


Bon Iver Business

I really enjoy Bon Iver - he is one of the very few artists allowed in my study playlist, but for some reason I've never had the need to Google his face and see what he looks like. I mean, with a voice like that, this man obviously had to be a looker of some sort, right? Oh no.

It is not that this poor man looks like a troll, it's just that he looks old ... and bold ... and not taken care of... Why would you go to the Grammy's looking like you just had to walk all the way from Canada and you escaped a bear attack with seconds?

You dont have to be pretencious or comercial, just because youre doing it for the music. Come on, Bon Íver (pronounced as if you're French who just had some unsattisfying American coffee.) have some pride in yourself and your talent!

Bon Iver's accepting his Grammy -Here you can see, not as sexy, huh?
Someone made a funny- Who the eff is Bon Iver

Also some of my favorite Bon Iver I Can't Make you Love me [AMAZING TALENT] Come Talk to Me and Love More.

*Disclaimer: I am not one to judge physical appearence On second thought. Bon Iver could be a Troll and I would still include him in my study playlist.

Idiot Wind

Being a Capetonian, I know all about Idiotic Winds, especially when I head on over to the big bad city, to visit the Lola in Vredehoek/Gardens. Absolutely horrific! This is most likely the opinion most of us have of Idiotic Winds.

WRONG are all of us!

I am *still* listening to Tallest Man on Earth and that song he does with his GF/Wifey [see post/video here].

I had always known her as Amanda Bergman and today I searched her on Youtube for the heck of finding some more amazingness, and did I find it!

Some of her most amazingness are Some Live performance in Grass, Canary Bird, Bird on my Shoulder

She is phenomenal. I love her sound and can listen to this all day, everyday. I will, as of today, include her in my study playlist, which is VERY exclusive.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Gummy Bears

a Friend sent me this over the weekend. I actually have no words.

Nicholas Louw performing Gummy Bears theme song.

*disclaimer: I am a hater of Afrikaans music, but LOVER of local talent. This is neither.

Follow the guns.

Next Wednesday is a public holiday. It is a day to celebrat your human rights and you can do this by going to one of The Pretty Blue Guns's last shows.

On Tuesday night they will be celebrating their rights and playing their last electric show at Mercury Live with some very talented musicians. Facebook Event.

The guns will also be performing at The Waiting Room on 27 March [event] and Bohemia on the 29 March (no Facebook event yet).

If you have not seen these guys perform yet, do yourself a favour, before it is too late!

Black Handed Kites

Last month when I made a post about some amazing recycled local talent [read it again, here], I mentioned Black handed Kites and thatthey did not have any Social Media platforms to use to their advantage. Well, they made a Facebook Page! But there's nothing posted... yet. Then i saw they have a beautiful webpage, also with nothing on it.

These guys are obviously not doing it right or at least whoever is doing their publicity, but they have a gig coming up at Assembly with La Vi and Shadowclub. Facebook Event here.

See you there.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Gifting made fun

Recently one of my best friends, Marcelle, turned 21. As many of you know, finding a gift for a close friend can be gruelling, tiring and just plain cruel. Finding something within your budget and a gift that your friend will love has become near impossible (for me, at least).

So when I read about Yuppie Chef on another blog, I decided to have a look, since Marcelle is first year at Silwood Cookery School and loves cooking. What an AMAZING surprise! Not only did they have a major product range, affordable products, but they also offer FREE delivery. I mean, come on!

I made the purchase on a Sunday afternoon, and by Wednesday afternoon Marcelle had already received her fabulous gift. As Berco Express (the delivering company) could not get a hold of Marcelle at her apartment in Vredehoek (no surprise here) they surprise-delivered her gift to her school in Rondebosch! How amazeballs are these people!

I would like to thank YuppieChef & Berco for being such cool companies and making life and gifting so much easier. Searching for gifts on this site made me excited about my kitchen and cooking and gifting! Yay!

Everyone with a birthday coming up soon, expect something from YuppieChef, (even if cooking and all things kitchen is your nightmare)!

I will post some picture of Marcelle cooking in her new Le Creuset Stoneware Dishes soon!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Treat for your Eyes & Ears # 5

I am so excited about this. Eeeek
Mumford & Sons wrote this for the new Wuthering Heights.

Also if you have not yet seen this, what are you wating for?! (Bon Iver's Calgary)

You know that fella called Jay Z? Yeah, neither do I, but this man, Hugo, did a cover of 99 Problems. I love it.

If you've seen Easy A, you'll derrfinetly recognise Jessica Cornish's Sexy Silk. (Yes, this is in fact Jessie J. Yes, I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around this one as well.) Clip from the movie.

Last, but not least. Asteroids Galaxy Tour's Golden Age. Really had a fun time watching this music video.

So this is what I've been listening to this week (except for all the Tallest Man on Earth, which I can't get enough of!)

Monday, February 20, 2012


SO many new interesting thingy's going on in the world of Internets and Music. Amazing.

First up, an ENCRIDIBLE collaboration of AMAZING artists in ONE BAND. No, really. Recently Gerdus Oosthuizen (New Holland), Leroi Nel (Foto Na Dans), Reyno Buckle (New Holland) and Justin Bosman (Dane Taylor Trio) joined their very MAGICAL forces and brewed up a little band called Sons of Settlers.

I know, I know. My brain is also struggling to comprehend the amazingness of this. It is simply too much, it (my brain) might explode out of peer awesomeness.

They have released a video of their single Stay Together, now I will say it's not the best quality, but you get an idea of what is to come and bless our ears very soon. I am so excited.

THEN there is yet another project that needs your immediate attention, Black Handed Kites, the lovechild of TeeJay Terblanche (from New Holland) and Richard Onraet.

Yes, I would like to direct you to one of 2012's MANY social media platforms created specifically for the use of exposing yourself to the world, but these okes does not have any page on the World Wide Web. I think they might be on to something here, maybe setting a new trend.

They have been kind enough to give us a video to tickle our musical taste buds, a simple iPhone strapped to a microphone stand (speaking under correction). Give a listen to their song Up and demand them to perform somewhere so we can have more eargasms.

Guns in Kalkbay

Right at the end of last year, these bad boys announced they are taking a break by releasing this on their Facebook Page

Hey everyone.
  From around the end of March, we are gonna be taking a break of 6 months, maybe longer.
  So for Jan, Feb and March we are gonna play some shows with bands we really dig, at venues we
 Please make sure to catch a show or two before we lay down our guitars for a while.

YES! We are all very sad and our hearts are shattered, but what can you do? You can go to their next gig, show them a little support and hope they'll change their minds! Hooraaaah! (Wishful thinking)

But really,
This weekend Pretty Blue Guns are playing the Legendary Brass Bell Pub in Kalkbay, we can all go support them and have some fun! Facebook Event for more details.

Hope to see everyone there!

Lua Union

Lua Union is back and it seems with a bang! The last time I saw them, was in 2009 on  our Matric Weekend in Hermanus.

They were pretty decent back then and by the sound of it, they're getting even better! You can check out their many webpages Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and their Website. They boys have also been nice enough to give you a taste of what's to come by posting a little video on Youtube.

Jonathan (from Johannine  & Stepdog ) as well as Lucas (from Pretty Blue Guns ) are in this band, so you know it's gonna be good.

Somebody that I used to know

While most of you are listening to Gotye version of 'Somebody that I used to know', I'm listening to Walk off the Earth's cover. Have a listen.

Both these videos are amazing!

Monday, February 13, 2012

"Get a Room"

Tallest Man on Earth- Thrown Right at Me

Expect a post very soon, I promise.

*Lyrics to this beautiful song*
Jump 'long the creekside
The rock's crooked line
Fun curls your hair and
The days open wide
And horses trot faster 'til  sparrows fall down

But you just fall, laughin',
to the snow on the ground
You grew up by playin' the valley so wild
And that's why
You're so beautiful now
And, dancin' your bike to the lonesome, young mare

You call up her owner;
say your heart will be there
You'll build a collection of scars on your knees
To learn how to count the impossible trees
You grew up by climbin' the birches so high
And that's why
You're so beautiful now
And we live so close that we probably seen

The same bird, the same time
They solumnly scream
One day, I'll find just that friend who can see
All this weird beauty
Thrown right at me
Growin' by playin' the valley so wild

And that's why
You're so beautiful now.