Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Things to do...

If you are as lucky as I am, to be on HOLIDAY right now, then there are a couple of things for you to do each night this week! ole!

Tonight has Stepdog playing at the famous &union, if you're in the neighbourhood drop by.

Tomorrow night I'll be having a VERY good time at ol'Bohemia for some shedding of my skin with the Pretty Blue Guns: Here

Friday night Machineri & Shadowclub is playing at the Kimberly Hotel in Cape Town, I have not yet seen them play, but I've heard a couple of their songs and I like it :) FB Event Here. If you want to learn more about the bands (and by learn, I obviously mean have a listen to some of their songs),go Here.

Saturday is the long awaited RED STAG event at Assembly. For the past week, my timeline (on Twitter), has been filled with tweets of excitement, i mean, have you seen the line-up? No? What are you waiting for, go here

And to end off this fun-filled weekend, Aandklas is hosting an unplugged session with Louwtjie Rothman and more. FB Event here

Something for every night. Wowzers.
Lets hope we survive this extended weekend.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Roadtrip Adventure #1

For the past couple of weeks I’ve hardly seen one of my better (well, only sometimes) halves, Lola. She has been working very hard on her application portfolio for Michaela’s Fine art School and I was being consumed by my course. Today, finally, she finished her portfolio, I took an ‘admin’ day from class, and we spent the entire day together. Isn’t that nice?
 Lola and her mother, Suzan, picked me up, before 9am (on my day off! , and we missioned to the great Cape Town, it was like an explosion of verbal dihoerea, we literally could not stop talking. We were so excited to see each other and finally, Lola could hand in her portfolio and take one step towards her big dream, being an artist. After the year we’ve had it was so good to see her relaxed, happy and excited (with a touch of nerves, obviously) and her mother could not have been more enthusiastic, eager as a child on Christmas Eve! After dropping off the mighty package, we did a little happy-dance/ trot outside the building and drove off to Kalkbay, our little guilty pleasure-treasure.
First stop in Kalkbay, Cape to Cuba. We had some Pongraz, some snacks and a very good time. We talked about being a women, a mother, a child, an artist, friends we’ve loved and lost, boyfriends, we laughed, we cried, we remembered and everything in between. And at one stage Suzan and I even danced around in our little nook. Then it was time for cocktails. This is when things got interesting and some of us compared the other to Jesus. After a couple of cocktails and more fits of laughter it was time to tone it down a notch and get a caffeine overload that could induce a coma.
Then it was time to hit the streets and do some bargain hunting, I mean, have you ever left Kalkbay and not bought yourself a little something? Exactly. We tried on vintage sequence, vintage mesh with sequence detail and ostrich feathers and very happily gave them back to the shop’s assistant after hearing the very “good” price of R5000 (and by we, I mean Lola). Next up, we headed off to a relatively new vintage shop [I think it’s called London, but this is just a guess as there are many British flags and a cloth with Wills & Kate.] there Suzan and I spent a couple of minutes looking at the vintage baby clothes, before moving on to some fantastic gloves, hats and shoes. Eventually I found something that I liked (and could afford) a BRIGHT pink jumpsuit with LOADS of potential. It is still in alterations, but be sure to catch my new outfit at the Pretty Blue Guns & La.VI gig @ Bohemia on 8 Sep 2011 (Link Here).
From here on we strolled on the main road, back to Café Olympia. If you do not know what I am referring to, I am assuming you’ve never been to or spoken to anyone who has been to Kalkbay? No? So you’ve just been living under a rock then? Oh, yes, that seems like a good enough reason. On our way we saw everything you can imagine; legit art, candle art, Borat thongs, jewelled underwear and so much more. At Café Olympia (if you haven’t Google’d it yet, you are a fool!) we had the loveliest lunch imaginable. Lola had a Cajun Chicken Salad, which was yummy as can be; I had the Deli Pasta, traditional Mediterranean pesto pasta with el dente pieces of steak, Nom, while Suzan had the Tomato & Carrot soup with some scrumptious freshly baked bread.
More conversation and more laughter passed when we realised it was already 5pm. It was time to leave, but not before Suzan shared with us, the Czech word for ‘passing gas’ is, “prd”, pronounced “prrrt”, this conversation inspired by the random Pritt stick (glue), she had carried in her handbag. We drove home, tired of the days excitement and enthusiastic about the prospects of tomorrow and the next ‘spontaneous’ adventure.