Wednesday, March 28, 2012

For your Eyes & Ears #6

While browsing through some videos I came across Mat Kearney and Ron Pope (who reminds me of a new generation Ronan Keating- in a GOOD way). Jaw dropping. No real visuals, but worth a listen.
Dancing in the Dark & Here we Go and a Drop in the Ocean & Reason to Hope.

More talent worth having a look at, Joe Brooks Superman [an indie Justin Bieber, but with more talent] AND the cute new face on American Idol Phillip Phillips! Movin' Out, His Audition (acoustic version of Thriller!!) and a little Phil Collins Cover In the Air Tonight


Bon Iver Business

I really enjoy Bon Iver - he is one of the very few artists allowed in my study playlist, but for some reason I've never had the need to Google his face and see what he looks like. I mean, with a voice like that, this man obviously had to be a looker of some sort, right? Oh no.

It is not that this poor man looks like a troll, it's just that he looks old ... and bold ... and not taken care of... Why would you go to the Grammy's looking like you just had to walk all the way from Canada and you escaped a bear attack with seconds?

You dont have to be pretencious or comercial, just because youre doing it for the music. Come on, Bon Íver (pronounced as if you're French who just had some unsattisfying American coffee.) have some pride in yourself and your talent!

Bon Iver's accepting his Grammy -Here you can see, not as sexy, huh?
Someone made a funny- Who the eff is Bon Iver

Also some of my favorite Bon Iver I Can't Make you Love me [AMAZING TALENT] Come Talk to Me and Love More.

*Disclaimer: I am not one to judge physical appearence On second thought. Bon Iver could be a Troll and I would still include him in my study playlist.

Idiot Wind

Being a Capetonian, I know all about Idiotic Winds, especially when I head on over to the big bad city, to visit the Lola in Vredehoek/Gardens. Absolutely horrific! This is most likely the opinion most of us have of Idiotic Winds.

WRONG are all of us!

I am *still* listening to Tallest Man on Earth and that song he does with his GF/Wifey [see post/video here].

I had always known her as Amanda Bergman and today I searched her on Youtube for the heck of finding some more amazingness, and did I find it!

Some of her most amazingness are Some Live performance in Grass, Canary Bird, Bird on my Shoulder

She is phenomenal. I love her sound and can listen to this all day, everyday. I will, as of today, include her in my study playlist, which is VERY exclusive.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Gummy Bears

a Friend sent me this over the weekend. I actually have no words.

Nicholas Louw performing Gummy Bears theme song.

*disclaimer: I am a hater of Afrikaans music, but LOVER of local talent. This is neither.

Follow the guns.

Next Wednesday is a public holiday. It is a day to celebrat your human rights and you can do this by going to one of The Pretty Blue Guns's last shows.

On Tuesday night they will be celebrating their rights and playing their last electric show at Mercury Live with some very talented musicians. Facebook Event.

The guns will also be performing at The Waiting Room on 27 March [event] and Bohemia on the 29 March (no Facebook event yet).

If you have not seen these guys perform yet, do yourself a favour, before it is too late!

Black Handed Kites

Last month when I made a post about some amazing recycled local talent [read it again, here], I mentioned Black handed Kites and thatthey did not have any Social Media platforms to use to their advantage. Well, they made a Facebook Page! But there's nothing posted... yet. Then i saw they have a beautiful webpage, also with nothing on it.

These guys are obviously not doing it right or at least whoever is doing their publicity, but they have a gig coming up at Assembly with La Vi and Shadowclub. Facebook Event here.

See you there.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Gifting made fun

Recently one of my best friends, Marcelle, turned 21. As many of you know, finding a gift for a close friend can be gruelling, tiring and just plain cruel. Finding something within your budget and a gift that your friend will love has become near impossible (for me, at least).

So when I read about Yuppie Chef on another blog, I decided to have a look, since Marcelle is first year at Silwood Cookery School and loves cooking. What an AMAZING surprise! Not only did they have a major product range, affordable products, but they also offer FREE delivery. I mean, come on!

I made the purchase on a Sunday afternoon, and by Wednesday afternoon Marcelle had already received her fabulous gift. As Berco Express (the delivering company) could not get a hold of Marcelle at her apartment in Vredehoek (no surprise here) they surprise-delivered her gift to her school in Rondebosch! How amazeballs are these people!

I would like to thank YuppieChef & Berco for being such cool companies and making life and gifting so much easier. Searching for gifts on this site made me excited about my kitchen and cooking and gifting! Yay!

Everyone with a birthday coming up soon, expect something from YuppieChef, (even if cooking and all things kitchen is your nightmare)!

I will post some picture of Marcelle cooking in her new Le Creuset Stoneware Dishes soon!