Friday, March 4, 2011

My weekend was better than yours!

On Friday evening, while all of my friends were out partying, I spent the evening locked in my room, studying. This is unfair, but this is life. Also, I wrote a test Saturday at 9am. This was rubbing salt in the wound. Usually I would have been terribly upset and thrown a mini tantrum, but the mere thought of going to Assembly for the MK Awards after party (well actually we went for Stepdog’s EP Launch!)  was what motivated me.

After my test and a lovely cup of coffee at one of our favourite spots in Stellenbosch, Cafe Crème, the Lola and I headed home to get our things packed for our mini get a way.

Our first stop was the V&A waterfront. Personally, I hate the Waterfront. I don't like the people that roam the shops and look like they’re carrying cancer or something similar. And I detest the kids that walk around the V&A as if they are some chick from gossip girl.

We had fish & chips on the harbour when our friend and hostess for the night, Annemieke joined us. From here we did a lot of window shopping and a little actual shopping. R30’s worth of parking at the Waterfront later, it was time to head to our humble abode in Plumstead.
After what felt like 2hours of trying on different outfits, we were finally ready to leave. We had a couple of errands to run before we could leave for the city, but once we were done, nothing was going to stop us…except for the traffic. 21h30 on a Saturday evening after a WP match at Newlands (of course there was rugby?) the traffic was horrendous. the Lola did a beautiful illegal u-turn, pumped with adrenaline, we headed back to the M3, finally on our way to Assembly for the MK Awards 2011 after party.
Now seeing as this was our first time at Assembly, I took the liberty of getting us a map and highlighting the route. Epic fail. What my map did not tell us was that Harrington Street not only turned to your left, but also to your right. A couple of minutes and even more dodgy allies later, we finally arrived at Assembly. We were excited to see the fabulous Stepdog, yet again.

We were late. Surprise.

First band we saw were Box office. I’ve heard about them, but I’ve never heard their music before. Personally, this was not my vibe, skaterboy belongs back in 2003 with Avril Lavign. The guys on stage were dressed in kort broeks (granted it was hot, but it wasn’t THAT hot. cover those skinny legs!), ROUND neck tees (eeep! Whatever happened to cut offs??) and to finish off the look, a kep. I refused to look at their shoes, but I can guarantee you, they were wearing boats for shoes. Their music was not disappointing, just wasn’t my preferred genre, so instead I spent half their gig, hiding in the ladies.
Next band was, La.Vi. This was another band I’ve only heard about, but have never actually seen. I was super excited to hear them though, since I’ve only heard very nice things about them (none of that Mahala* shit.) and I listened to a song on their Facebook page (you can like them here:!/laviband). They were exactly what I expected (in a good way, that is.), their set was really cool, I loved the upbeat songs followed by some more mellow sounds and especially loved the tambourine. La.Vi has an Angus & Julia Stone sound to them (obviously more Julia than Angus.), very Folk, and totally my vibe right now…
The thing I liked about them even more than their music, was probably the fact that they had a front lady Chantel van T (yes! a front lady! I know, right?! I mean, how awesome is that?) She is still quit young and her voice will grow, along with her talents, but she has a beautiful voice. Another thing that impressed my friends and me about Miss Chantel, was her physique; she is not super skinny like the most of the Indie/Folk trendy youngsters. She has beautiful curves and looks totally comfortable in her skin and on stage.
And then around 12pm, the moment the Lola and I have been waiting for: Stepdog!! [Ok. So out of fear that my readers will think that this blog is all about Stepdog, I’m going to try and say as little as possible about them.] They kicked off their set with that song that kind of sounds like Bon Iver. (Should probably try and find out the title of the song.) The awesome thing about Stepdog is the fact that their lead vocalist, Jonathan, can stand on a stage and he doesn’t need to talk to the crowd, to get them ‘pumped/ amped/ psyched/ whichever you prefer, he only does what he’s there for and that’s singing! The crowd can see they are confident in their music and they don’t need to sell it, the music itself converts you. And if that is not enough for you, you probably write for Mahala*.
After Stepdog wrapped up their set we headed home, had a cup of tea and went to sleep with new life blown into our ears and musical souls. The Sunday morning we were up bright and early for a breakfast before we head home. Forgetting it is Sunday and Cape Town, we had to walk around for about 30mins and wait for someplace to open. Vida coffee was much appreciated, breakfast was followed by a walk through Green Market Square and the rest of the mother city. On route home, the Lola and I, decided to do a somewhat of a detour. We drove through Green point, Camps bay. Llandudno, Houtbay etc. only to realise we know had to drive through Chapmenspeak and pay toll fees (which we obviously did not want to do.). We then tried an alternate route (directed by a car guard. Scary.) which lead us all the way back to Constantia, Tokai and only then did we see a sign that directed us to Muizenberg. Much fun. After about 2hours driving, we got out at Kalkbay and bought ourselves a lovely ice cream and wandered about all that is pretty and vintage.
What a lovely way to end our lovely weekend. You see, my weekend wás better than yours.
*Mahala, for those who do not know, is a digital/ online magazine vibe that only writes bad reviews. I no longer support them and neither should you.

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