Friday, August 26, 2011

Blues, Covers, Marlboro's & Fleur du Cap

Last Wednesday night was spent sipping on some delicious Fleur du Cap, taking drags of a Marlboro Light and gracing my ears with the beautiful sounds of Johanine and The Pretty Blue Guns. Where were you?
Johanine kicked off the night with a laid back number, shifting me back in my seat, just what I needed after the week I’ve had. From the first strum of Jonathan’s guitar, I remembered why I love this 3piece so much, Jon and Roxi’s vocals are a powerful combination and one cannot help but be reminded of Angus Stone, The Tallest Man on Earth and Bon Iver.

Jonathan- Johanine (photo by: Nadine Aucamp)

Sadly after only 4 songs, their set is over. This is too short. I would have loved to hear more of their music and I simply cannot wait for their E.P to be released. No doubt it won’t be as magical as a live performance in the ‘Aan de Braak’ theatre, but imagine being able to listen the sweet sounds of Johanine in the comfort of your own home with some red wine and a fireplace. Bliss.
The Pretty Blue Guns take the stage and opened their set with Karen. I am impressed. I’m an avid Guns fan and very fond of their live performances, but an acoustic show was what I’ve been waiting for, for quite some time. It was refreshing hearing these songs we’ve all known for months, in a ‘slower’ version.
Andre Leo was amply enthusiastic to share the exciting news of their Bass player, Greg’s negative HIV status, well done to you! More songs were played, more red wine was consumed, I was in my happy . The Guns also included Country Hell and Pills from their previous album, Cutting Heads. I have to mention how well they transform (or whatever process it is musicians follow to acoust-ify their music) from rock ‘n roll to a gentler acoustic version, still sounding very PBG, not to mention the great country feel to their songs.

Andre - The Pretty Blue Guns (photo by: Nadine Aucamp)

Next up was a Tom Waits cover sung with Chantel van T (front lady from LA.VI). I love the guns’ ability to take on wildly famous songs and do their very own versions, making the song their own, without losing the essence of the original artist.
After the break, Jonathan joins the 4-man stint on stage for another cover, followed by ‘Dadada’. Chantel again joined the boys on stage for ‘The Ride’ followed by ‘Misery’ (also added to my favourite songs). And for the first time, ever, the Guns performed ‘Babydoll’.
From here on, the Pretty Blue Guns took it up a notch, back to their usual Rock ‘n Roll with ‘Bad Liver Blues’. And it was about time, I could no longer sit still and watch them; I wanted to start grooving, getting to my feet and moving (YAY! for rock ‘ roll).  Andre, proudly, shares the news that their first single and title of the latest album, ‘Shed Your Skin’, has made it onto the 5fm Rock Chart.  Congratulations!
The last two songs were covers; Valerie by Amy Winehouse and Venus in Furs by Velvet Underground, I’ve come to love these repeat covers, after hearing it the first time in Bohemia. There are hardly words to describe my excitement upon hearing the intro for Valerie and again I have to mention the Guns’ incredible ability to translate songs and making it their own.
Obviously the crowd could not handle the end of the night arriving and demanded another song. Andre.does.solo.about.death. The rest of the band joins in, Lucas and Brandon on backing vocals, or at least they were trying. They were more into finishing the bubbly that was passed around through the night, than singing along. Greg also joined in to play the harmonica to ‘Red Crow’. a Beautiful ending to a beautiful night.
Andre (photo by: Nadine Aucamp)

If you have not seen the Pretty Blue Guns perform yet, shame on you. Don’t despair the boys have us in for a little treat on 8 Sep @ Bohemia and again on  14 Sep when they open for Fokofpolisiekar at Klein Lib. I’ll be seeing all your beautiful faces there! (FB Link to the events; Bohemia: Here AND Klein Lib: Here
*these photo’s has been taken and published by Nadine Aucamp

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