Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I know, I know. I promised some updates. I lied. My week was a tad cray-cray (for those of us who are uninformed, according to the residents of Grahamstown, this is the way to go, the new lingo for crazy.). My lovely girlfriend, Marcello, from Grahamstown graced Stellenbosch with her beautiful presence last week.
After my terrible test week and an Economics paper I finally got to see my long lost friend! the Lola and I took her dancing in Bohemia, while Stepdog played a free gig (if you don’t know this by now, Bohemia & DPK presents a free gig EVERY.THURSDAY. for FREE!), her BF Matt won 2 tickets to join us at RAKA (post to follow soon!), but they couldn’t  make it L  we then had some more drinks at Aandklas.  This was potentially not a good idea from the start, since I still needed to study and write my Marketing semester test on Friday. Oops.

On Tuesday we had a picnic in Stellenbosch’s beautiful Botanical Gardens. Lying around in the gardens for more than 4hours drinking red wine and eating sour worms is quite fun and I encourage all of you to do this sometime over autumn! When the gardens closed and they politely asked us to leave, we headed to Bohemia for some more wine and we were joined by Matt.

Thursday came around and it was the first day I attempted to attend class. During an accidental phone call to Marcello, I learned she was in Aandklas with the Lola (this was 1pm), this was a perfect excuse for me ditch my boring ISM class en head over to Aandklas for more wine! The three of us then made mission to Sgt Pepper (Best pizza & Mojito’s in town!) for a late lunch/ some food to keep us sober. the Lola hosted a braai at her house, can’t remember the last time we did a proper house party  vibe. Around 11pm we decided to head into town to see No One’s Arc at Bohemia. What a blast, boogying some more with the Lola and Marcello (oh and Matt!).
On Friday we joined Marcello and Matt at a family gathering and talked about the ‘old days’ and how we want to move to Cape Town next year to complete our studies. How I would love for the three of us to be in the same town! Our week with Marcello ended with a win tasting at SylvanVale, Devon Valley Hotel. We had some wine, some laughs, some tears and a goodbye!
After the wine tasting, the Lola and I made our way to Cape Town for a night out on the town. Or maybe just a couple of bands at Assembly!
So for a while I did actually forget about writing about all the other wonderful things that’s been happening! And also to my defence, I lost all the notes already made for blogging! L This basically means i have to try and remember everything I wanted to say…I promise to get straight to work!

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