Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ZAPPA Sraatfees

Whenever I have the opportunity to see either New Holland or Foto Na Dans, I get goosebumps of excitement! So when I read the line up for the Zappa Straatfees, I knew I had to cancel all possible plans I had for Saturday 12 March.
At first I was against writing anything about the show, since it was not really my way of experiencing some of our best local acts, giving it away, for free, for all. Also, most people at a gig of this sorts only go because it is free and another opportunity for them to get trashed. I would rather spend R40 on entrance and know that the people next to me are fans as well and they are there for the music. Oh yes. And there won’t be Bergies bumping into me at Klein Lib, would there? But I was truly impressed with Foto Na Dans’ performance and I thought this could not go unacknowledged.
After finishing a lovely bottle of red wine at Aandklas, I headed to the infamous Victoria Street to get my freak on. Upon arrival, Die Tuindwergies were still fooling around on stage, I have to be honest I did not pay much attention, since I was there for my favourite South African acts.
Finally New Holland took the stage and I was jamming out to some of my favourite local tunes. I always enjoy a good ol’ New Holland show, they hardly ever seem to disappoint, but on Saturday their show was pretty average so I won’t be saying much about them. I am an established NH fan, so no harm done here, but I’m afraid that their impact on my flatmate that tagged along was less than mediocre. Lalla decided to go with me since I’m always going on about NH, but at the end of the evening she was more impressed with meeting a DJ from MFM.
Around 8p.m the much anticipated Foto Na Dans took the stage, I was geared with a newbie on my left (Lalla) and my ultimate gig friend, The Lola on my right. We squished through the crowd and made our way to the very front. (You may certainly not watch FND from way back!) They opened with one of their latest singles, Die Vloed, I absolutely loved the base on the intro, the vibrations could be felt through the tar and it got the party pumping. Everyone knows Foto Na Dans is really the best live performance in SA, so I don’t need to tell you that. Alex Fourie was as entertaining as ever and I converted another to his side. She now can’t stop talking about how awesome he is and how we love Trumpet Time!
I really enjoyed their act and as usual the next morning I felt how much, when my neck and shoulders were completely stiff.

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