Friday, May 11, 2012

For your Eyes & Ears #7

So I never watched Glee and i honestly did not understand the hype about it.
Lola actually made me watch a couple of episodes with her and voila, I really enjoyed the music.
Some of their songs are WAAAAYYY beter than the originals.

I still don't enjoy the story line, but there are some amazing performances that I would like to share.

2 BOYS singing 'Somebody that I used to Know'. LOVE this

'Cough Syrup' Power to the Gay! Also LOVE the original by 'Young the Giant'

'Glad you Came' I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this performance, downloaded the origal version and what a let down. The original sounds Rubish.

I'm also currently listening to The Civil Wars' Barton Hallow and Awolnation's Sail. And don't forget to get your weekly dose of Jamie XX Money Box (I know it's not alegitimate video, but the song is fun anyway!)

Have a great weekend!

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