Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What's happening.

Last night while being as unproductive busy, as only I can be, I saw these 2 videos on VH1.

Back to Back.

Just goes to show you, what people are listening now...It makes me shudder.

First up. Katy Perry. Now, I am not a fan of hers, she is fun, pushing limits and and, but so is Lady Gaga. I do however, enjoy some of her singles, I mean, who didn't like/ sing along to "I kissed a girl" ?!

but seriously? This last music video of hers reminds me of the 90's. And not in a good way.
Is any reminder of the 90's good, anyway?

Don't even get me started on the concept. So your BF cheats on you, you cut off all your hair, strap your boobies down and join the Army/ Marines? Most girls eat a whole lot of deep fried chocolate and moan to her besties about it. No, not Katy Perry, she joins the Army. That last scene of her singing in full make-up (yeah right, 'cause marines has make-up artists come in everyday and polish their faces, just to go roll around in the mud and stuff?) broke me. That's the flashback business, ala Jennifer Lopez. ugh

Part of Me, yeah she's a part of the Marines.

Next. Olly Murs. Well, first off, his name. Dude, it is not going to happen for you with a name like that. My 3 year old niece would name her pug Olly.

About the video and the song itself, there is really not much to say. Hilarity does not even begin to explain.

Dance with Me. No, I wont. What you gonna do about it, Olly??

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