Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Very Wicked

a While back, I told you  the very sad news about Pretty Blue Guns taking a 'break'. But there is some good news in all this sadness!

Andre Leo (Vocalist for the Guns) & Lucas Swart (Drummer for the guns) has teamed up with Calvin Syderfin, Dominque Thaysen and Dirk van Tonder and started a new project, The Very Wicked.

These guys are doing it right, they are active on social media sites and spreading their gospel around town, have a look at their Website (where you can also download their EP), Facebook and they are also on Twitter etc.

In this week The Very Wicked released their first Music Video, have a look at that here. I really enjoyed this video, the visuals are great and I dig their sound. Simple as that.

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