Monday, February 20, 2012

Guns in Kalkbay

Right at the end of last year, these bad boys announced they are taking a break by releasing this on their Facebook Page

Hey everyone.
  From around the end of March, we are gonna be taking a break of 6 months, maybe longer.
  So for Jan, Feb and March we are gonna play some shows with bands we really dig, at venues we
 Please make sure to catch a show or two before we lay down our guitars for a while.

YES! We are all very sad and our hearts are shattered, but what can you do? You can go to their next gig, show them a little support and hope they'll change their minds! Hooraaaah! (Wishful thinking)

But really,
This weekend Pretty Blue Guns are playing the Legendary Brass Bell Pub in Kalkbay, we can all go support them and have some fun! Facebook Event for more details.

Hope to see everyone there!

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