Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Idiot Wind

Being a Capetonian, I know all about Idiotic Winds, especially when I head on over to the big bad city, to visit the Lola in Vredehoek/Gardens. Absolutely horrific! This is most likely the opinion most of us have of Idiotic Winds.

WRONG are all of us!

I am *still* listening to Tallest Man on Earth and that song he does with his GF/Wifey [see post/video here].

I had always known her as Amanda Bergman and today I searched her on Youtube for the heck of finding some more amazingness, and did I find it!

Some of her most amazingness are Some Live performance in Grass, Canary Bird, Bird on my Shoulder

She is phenomenal. I love her sound and can listen to this all day, everyday. I will, as of today, include her in my study playlist, which is VERY exclusive.

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