Sunday, October 14, 2012

For Your Eyes & Ears #10

Most of these artists and their videos/ songs are relatively new to me, but I'm really enjoying the stuff that I've heard - hence I'm sharing it with you (yes, you!)

Josh Record  

listen to the War & For your Love [there is something very interesting about his 'high-pitched' sound that really get's me] & Thief

Gabrielle Aplin
Don't know much about her- quite frankly I've never even heard about her, just randomly stumbled upon her on She reminds me of Ellie Goulding. Her sound is clean, girly goodness. Give Home a listen.

Speaking of Ellie Goulding, have you heard her latest single? No? Well here it is- Anything could happen I love this 

Baby I'll give you everything you need,
I'll give you everything you need, oh
I'll give you everything you need
But I don't think I need you  

Love the Baby Pink hair

Joshua Radin just has some "feel good" sound to it [similar to that of Jack Johnson]- listen to I Miss You - "hope you dig it"

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