Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Your Eyes & Ears #12

This weekend I've been listening to some stuff I've forgotten about. Here it is...


Band Of Horses:

One of my favorite BOH songs No one's gonna Love you, if you like their style, also give Is there a Ghost & the Funeral [and the dubstep version of course] a go.

Angus & Julia Stone:

Here they are performing Big Jet Plane [LOVE] Just a Boy & Private Lawns on KCRW. They did a cover of You are the one that I want. These two are also solo artists, both doing their own thing Angus [Broken Brights & Bird on the Buffalo] and Julia [it's all ok & Let's forget all the things we Say]

Matt Walters:

Oh hello! How could I forget about this? Never again! All I know & I would die for you. Amazeballs.


Let her go [Very nice]


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