Thursday, May 30, 2013

Like Crazy

A long long while ago, I got this movie from a friend, thinking it was the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love (You know the one with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone??), turns out- it wasn't. I watched the movie anyway and immediately fell in love with the movie and watched it weekly. Literally. No jokes. Then over December my laptop crashed and my IT person could retrieve every song, photo and movie I had- except LIKE CRAZY. Heart broken.

I never knew exactly WHY I loved it so much, (like with most things in my life) I just DID. And also, that the movie is kind of indie and not well known helped, I am not a movie person. Anyway the soundtrack is really GOOD. Watch the trailer if you haven't seen this film. It's a must. At least once.

A quick round up on the plot: two quirky students fall head over heals in love. One is an exchange student from the UK, Anna (Felicity Jones) has to return home after graduating, but decides to spend the summer with her boyfriend, Jacob (Anton Yelchin), violating her visa. They then enter a long-distance relationship with it's many ups and downs. The movie follows how they grow apart and back together and apart again. Beautiful. Also, Jennifer Lawrence makes an appearance as Sam, Jacob's girlfriend while they're not together. If you're not convinced yet. Well...

Another thing I LOVE/ HATE is an open ending. On the one hand I really want to know what happens, but on the other hand, I love not knowing. Every time, I watched I had a different ending to Jacob and Anna's journey. And I will NEVER know which one.

Closing scene.

Anyway, I really like the soundtrack, not because I know every song, but because it's beautiful and I hardly knew any of it. I've been wanting to buy/ download the album for such a long time, but I could never find a complete track list or something that listed everything, including the six second piano between scenes. And finally I can give YOU the name of the composer of the greatest soft, romantic sounds.

Dustin o'Halloran is the soul responsible for the music. Youtube every single thing he has ever composed/ played on his piano. You can thank me later.

The music selection while they dance on their bed is also amazing. The songs include:
Goddamn Electric Bill - Pull the lever [There is another song by G.E.B that I simply cannot find a video or similar for, but give it a go on their Soundcloud profile Less Evil ]
Fool's Gold - Surprise Hotel [ This is such a special song to me. I've known it for quite some time, and was introduced to them by a fellow Blogger.The very same person who inspired me to start my own blog. But more on that on another day.]
The Tallest Man On Earth - Wild Hunt [You know my feelings about Mr Kristian Matsson <3]

Meanwhile, here are some of the other sounds you will hear.
Beach House - Norway
Figurine - IMpossible [This is probably one of my all time favorite songs. No, really. I would fast forward the movie to this scene, so that I could listen to it. Yeah.]
Crazy, Love Vol II - Paul Simon [Don't even get me started, I mean WHO doesn't love some Paul Simon? also, how about a Travel machine. please.]
The Mary Onettes - Century  [ Sorry for the poor quality]
Stars - Dead Hearts [They are everywhere, so hopefully you've heard about them]
M83 - Guess I'm floating

Hope you have plenty of new music (artists) to explore! [and if you're writing exams- Good luck!]

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